Title: Radically Apostolic: The Reality, the Journey, and the Reward of the Call of God!, Author: Charles G. Robinette
Title: Letters from Death Row: An Inmate's Search for Peace, Author: Erin Taylor Daniels
Title: Let the Church Get Pregnant - Again!: The Parallelism of Spirituality and Sexuality, Author: Dr. Jeff T. Jacobs
Title: Tangled: A Web in the Closet!, Author: Melvina Wilson
Title: Coffee with Jesus: 365 Morning Devotionals, Author: J. Floyd Bennett
Title: Missing Teeth: The Last Discrimination Hiding in Plain Sight, Author: Dr. Linda Johnson
Title: Daily Bible Quotations and Translations with the Bishop: A Daily Devotion Book, Author: Willie Peel
Title: The Man Who Stretched Valentine's Day, Author: Walter Huffman
Title: Mind To Heart: Motivational Thoughts, Author: PhD Andrea Curry MHA
Title: Forged: Made Strong in Weakness, Author: Sean Neal
Title: I Have a Testimony, Author: Janice Pickett McDuffie
Title: A Soldier's Journey with The Presence of God, Author: Arthur David Jr.
Title: Papa Was a Pastor, and Mama Was a Minister: Practical Demonstrations of the Fruit of the Spirit, Author: Nancy McDaniel
Title: Miraculous Grace: Eight True Stories of Miraculous Interventions of God, Author: David E. Meyer
Title: The Gingerbread Twins, Author: Micaela Blair
Title: Abduction: How Liberalism Steals Our Children's Hearts And Minds, Author: Steven Feazel
Title: Written for You, Author: Miguel De La Cruz
Title: To Love a Redneck, Author: Dea Renaye
Title: The History of the 118th Ohio Volunteer Infantry XXIIIrd. Corps: Where the grim cannon frown and the bayonets gleam, Author: Mike Klinger
Title: The Realization of a Dream, Author: Dave Varnell

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