Title: Letters from Death Row: An Inmate's Search for Peace, Author: Erin Taylor Daniels
Title: Mama's Rainbow, Author: Tayler A. Rich
Title: Homemade Noodles and Cars, Author: Arlene Curns
Title: The Art Of Isolation: For Such a Time as This, Author: Janet Fittro
Title: The Last Push, Author: Sheree Fuller
Title: Abduction: How Liberalism Steals Our Children's Hearts And Minds, Author: Steven Feazel
Title: The Bible Will Be My Textbook, Author: Raven M. Brown
Title: What Makes You Great?, Author: Tasha C. Hoggatt
Title: Philly, Isaac, and Gus Swinefeld: Montana's Three Little Pigs, Author: Charla Buford Bunker
Title: His Steady Eye, Author: Venus Michelle Pilipovic Sanders
Title: Embraced in His Glory: The Second of A Beautiful Sequel (My Life in Christ), Author: Venus Michelle Pilipovic
Title: Perfect Sipping Wine and Other Poems, Author: William J. Feickert
Title: Emma's Dilemma?, Author: OMA
Title: God's Poetic Moments Within, Author: Catherine M. Burns
Title: A Story of Three Trees, Author: Ariana Delgado
Title: The Remnant of Felix Springs, Author: Rhea Softley
Title: Stan, Author: Susie Shannon
Title: How to Stuff in Italian, Author: S. Gary Polozola
Title: Deeply Simple: Poems Straight From His Heart, Author: Dr. John R. Pickett
Title: Restoration: A Story of Restoration from Desperation, Author: Jim Draper

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