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Title: The Commercial Album [Preserved Edition], Artist: The Residents
Title: Un Peu de l'Ame des Bandits, Artist: Aksak Maboul
Title: The Commercial Album, Artist: The Residents
Title: Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia of British Experimental & Avant-Gard, Artist:
Title: Echoes of Henry Cow, Artist: Michel Edelin
Title: The Fred Records Story Vol. 1: Rocking The Boat [2001-2020], Artist: Fred Frith
Title: Go Figure, Artist: Peter Blegvad
Title: Eskimo, Artist: The Residents
Title: The Long Goodbye, Artist: Pere Ubu
Title: Vol. 3: Hamburg, Artist: Henry Cow
Title: Gravity, Artist: Fred Frith
Title: Vol. 9: Late, Artist: Henry Cow
Title: Revisited, Artist: Art Bears
Title: Vol. 2: 1974-5, Artist: Henry Cow
Title: Vols. 4-5: Trondheim, Artist: Henry Cow
Title: Intonarumori: Ieri Ed Oggi, Artist: Nickolai Sudnick
Title: Downtime, Artist: Peter Blegvad
Title: Mirror Man, Artist: David Thomas
Title: Learn to Talk/The Country of Blinds [Fred], Artist: Skeleton Crew