Title: Hawk, Author: James Patterson
Title: The Way We All Became The Brady Bunch: How the Canceled Sitcom Became the Beloved Pop Culture Icon We Are Still Talking About Today, Author: Kimberly Potts
Title: Murder Thy Neighbor, Author: James Patterson Pre-Order Now
Title: A Woman Alone, Author: Nina Laurin
Title: The In-Betweens: The Spiritualists, Mediums, and Legends of Camp Etna, Author: Mira Ptacin
Title: Give Me Your Hand, Author: Megan Abbott
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Title: The Retreat, Author: Sherri Smith
Title: Start by Believing: Larry Nassar's Crimes, the Institutions that Enabled Him, and the Brave Women Who Stopped a Monster, Author: John Barr
Title: Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers: Monstrosity, Patriarchy, and the Fear of Female Power, Author: Sady Doyle
Title: Ruby & Roland, Author: Faith Sullivan
Title: Moving Up without Losing Your Way: The Ethical Costs of Upward Mobility, Author: Jennifer Morton
Title: We Rule the Night, Author: Claire Eliza Bartlett
Title: The Role I Played: Canada's Greatest Olympic Hockey Team, Author: Sami Jo Small Pre-Order Now