Title: Sweet Dreams
Director: David W. Keffer
Title: The Unity of Heroes
Director: Lin Zhenzhao
Title: When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities, Author: Chen Chen
Title: Helen's Asian Kitchen: Easy Chinese Stir-Fries, Author: Helen Chen
Title: A Restricted View From Under the Hedge: In The Springtime, Author: Chen Chen
Title: New Modern Chinese Women and Gender Politics: The Centennial of the End of the Qing Dynasty, Author: Ya-chen Chen
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Title: Resource Allocation for OFDMA Systems, Author: Chen Chen
Title: Foundations of Prediction Markets: Modeling, Simulation, and Empirical Evidence, Author: Shu-Heng Chen Pre-Order Now
Title: The Regulation and Supervision of Banks: The Post Crisis Regulatory Responses of the EU / Edition 1, Author: Chen Chen Hu
Title: Metaheuristics for Resource Deployment under Uncertainty in Complex Systems, Author: Shuxin Ding Pre-Order Now
Title: Narrative In The Ballades Of Fryderyk Chopin, Author: I-Chen Chen
Title: Invisible Love: - Born & Grown Up, Author: Chen Chen
Title: Resource Allocation for OFDMA Systems, Author: Chen Chen
Title: (En)Gendering Taiwan: The Rise of Taiwanese Feminism, Author: Ya-chen Chen
Title: A Restricted View From Under The Hedge: In The Summertime, Author: Chen Chen
Title: The Theory and Practice of Group Discussion with Quality Talk, Author: Chao-Chen Chen Pre-Order Now
Title: Adaptive Control Of Underactuated Mechanical Systems, Author: An-chyau Huang
Title: Women in Chinese Martial Arts Films of the New Millennium: Narrative Analyses and Gender Politics, Author: Ya-chen Chen
Title: Big Visual Data Analysis: Scene Classification and Geometric Labeling, Author: Chen Chen
Title: Lizzie May the Immortal: A Star on Earth Adventure: Book 1, Author: Chen-Chen-Chen Low