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Title: Amedeo Avogadro: A Scientific Biography, Author: M. Morselli
Title: Boussingault: Chemist and Agriculturist, Author: F.W.J Mccosh
Title: Thomas Beddoes M.D. 1760-1808: Chemist, Physician, Democrat, Author: D.A. Stansfield
Title: Frederick Soddy (1877-1956): Early Pioneer in Radiochemistry, Author: George B. Kauffman
Title: Pioneers in Polymer Science / Edition 1, Author: F.B. Seymour
Title: Heinrich Caro and the Creation of Modern Chemical Industry / Edition 1, Author: Carsten Reinhardt
Title: Nobel Lectures in Chemistry, Volume 6 (1981-1990), Author: Bo G Malmstrom
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Title: From Coello to Inorganic Chemistry: A Lifetime of Reactions / Edition 1, Author: Fred Basolo