Title: Shakespeare Study Programs: the Comedies, Author: Charlotte Porter
Title: The return of the Druses, A blot in the 'scutcheon, Colombe's birthday, Luria,A soul's tragedy. From the author's rev. text. Edited with introductions and notes by Charlotte Porter and Helen A. Clarke. By: Robert Browning: edited whit introductions By: Ch, Author: Charlotte Porter
Title: Lips Of Music, Author: Charlotte Porter
Title: Strafford. Sordello. By: Robert Browning, introduction By: Charlotte Porter (Jan. 6, 1857 - Jan. 16, 1942). and By: Helen A. Clarke (Nov. 13, 1860 - Feb. 8, 1926): dedicated By: William Macready (3 March 1793 - 27 April 1873) was an English actor., Author: Charlotte Porter