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Title: Clara's Story: A Holocaust Biography, Author: Gill James
Title: Brightly Coloured Horses, Author: Mandy Huggins
Title: 140 x 140, Author: Gill James
Title: The Best of CaféLit 4, Author: Debz Hobbs-Wyatt
Title: The Jinn, Author: Mason Bushell
Title: Wilma's Magic Hat, Author: Philippa Rae
Title: Paisley Shirt, Author: Gail Aldwin
Title: Covid 19: An Extraordinary Time, Author: Multiple
Title: The House on Schellberg Street, Author: Gill James
Title: A Most Amazing Zoo, Author: Linda Flynn
Title: Fleeting Moments, Author: Claire Yates
Title: Between the Lines, Author: Pam Line
Title: Aftermath, Author: Gill James
Title: Badlands, Author: Alyson Faye
Title: Slimline Tales, Author: Roger Noons
Title: Spectrum, Author: Christopher Bowles
Title: The Best of CaféLit 8, Author: Gill James
Title: Ways of Seeing, Author: Rick Vick
Title: Theme and Variations, Author: Vanessa Horn
Title: The City of Stories, Author: Lynn Clement

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