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Title: Recorder Karate, Author: Anna Shammas
Title: Picture Day, Author: Anna E. Shammas
Title: The Adventures of Zandor, Author: Mariana Silva-Buck
Title: The Year Santa Wore Green, Author: Diane Mccarthy
Title: Trankarri: The Boy With The Magical Pen, Author: Christopher Dean
Title: Counselor Dynamite: Twas The Day Before Christmas Break, Author: Starr Burgess
Title: Pick Me!, Author: Penny E. Damron
Title: Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully, Author: Jane Lovascio
Title: The Long Lost Tale of the Dragon and the Whale, Author: Rainey Highley
Title: Jabee And Chabukee: The Lost Binky, Author: Dustin Freeman
Title: Hooligan Bear, Author: Ian Toynton
Title: Hooligan Bear - New Friends, Author: Ian Toynton
Title: G is for Gulf, Author: kidslovethegulf.org
Title: And Sometimes Y, Author: Jason Elias
Title: Sneakers Hangs Out, Author: Bette Gosule
Title: Eva Lilly And The Three-Toed Snooch, Author: Muggs
Title: Counselor Dynamite Befuddles the Bullyville Crew, Author: Starr Burgess
Title: Lost and Found, Author: Lenae Madonna
Title: Rise Of The Superhelden, Author: Evelyn Ong

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