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Title: Jiali's Traveling Heart, Author: Betty Maclean
Title: Goodbye, Santa, Author: Jon and Ramona Hieneman
Title: It's Rainbows and Ribbons if You're a McGibbons, Author: Paula Ridenour
Title: Any Two Can Be Twindollicious, Author: Natasha Danna
Title: The Million Year Meal, Author: Ian Lucas
Title: This House Needs A Mouse, Author: C. Jeffrey Nunnally
Title: The Little Hands That Pray, Author: Tillie Rosbor
Title: The Long Lost Tale of the Dragon and the Whale, Author: Rainey Highley
Title: Imagine!, Author: Anna E. Shammas
Title: Keith the Kangaroo Cleans Up Down Under, Author: Margie Tweedie
Title: Eva Lilly And The Three-Toed Snooch, Author: Muggs
Title: A Happy Day, Author: Louise Lovett
Title: The Star That Is An Angel, Author: Anna E. Shammas
Title: You were meant to be!, Author: Sherry Keen
Title: My Great Family Vacation, Author: Anna E. Shammas
Title: Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess, Author: Jennifer Humphries
Title: It's Wild and Wacky If You're a McCracky, Author: Paula Ridenour
Title: At the Park With Tommy and Scales, Author: Celeste Little
Title: The Tiger Who Wasn't!, Author: Jonathan Ayre
Title: Pick Me!, Author: Penny Damron

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