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Title: Jiali's Traveling Heart, Author: Betty Maclean
Title: Casey and Bella Go to Hollywood, Author: Jane Lovascio
Title: Casey and Bella Go to New York City, Author: Jane Lovascio
Title: Start With Your Heart, Author: Ann Marie Skordy
Title: Casey and Bella Go Green, Author: Jane Lovascio
Title: The Long Lost Tale of the Dragon and the Whale, Author: Rainey Highley
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Title: The Year Santa Wore Green, Author: Diane Mccarthy
Title: Emperor Stinkus Pampurus, Author: Jean-Claude Agomate
Title: Casey and Bella Go to Boston, Author: Jane Lovascio
Title: Clean Clara, Author: Peter Oltchick
Title: Treasure Hunt in the Enchanted Forest (The Search for Good Money), Author: Ian Lucas
Title: Counselor Dynamite: Twas The Day Before Christmas Break, Author: Starr Burgess
Title: Dandylion the Duck, Author: Thomas Gober
Title: Recorder Karate, Author: Anna Shammas
Title: Goodbye, Santa, Author: Jon and Ramona Hieneman
Title: Super Sight for Seymour Bright, Author: Dr. Patrick Derespinis
Title: Pink Firetrucks, Author: Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri
Title: This House Needs A Mouse, Author: C. Jeffrey Nunnally
Title: Casey and Bella Go to Hawaii, Author: Jane Lovascio
Title: Any Two Can Be Twindollicious, Author: Natasha Danna

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