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Title: The Star That Is An Angel, Author: Anna E. Shammas
Title: Who Who Whooooo?, Author: Virgina M. Beaurline
Title: Dezzer the Gasser, Author: Lorraine Florido
Title: Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan, Author: Kelly Paniagua
Title: Hooligan Bear - A Special Day, Author: Ian Toynton
Title: Arthur's Magical Invisible Suit, Author: Laura Jafarace
Title: At The Park With Tommy And Scales, Author: Celeste Little
Title: The Fan That Does Not Stop Turning, Author: Anna E. Shammas
Title: Arthur's Invisible Magical Suit, Author: Laura Swartz Jafarace
Title: Dandylion the Duck, Author: Thomas Gober
Title: A Happy Day, Author: Louise Lovett
Title: Keith the Kangaroo Cleans Up Down Under, Author: Margie Tweedie
Title: Clean Clara, Author: Peter Oltchick
Title: Noah the Boa at Large, Author: Henrietta Krumpett
Title: Jabee And Chabukee: The Lost Binky, Author: Dustin Freeman
Title: The Tiger Who Wasn't!, Author: Jonathan Ayre
Title: Coby Our Furry Friend, Author: Linda Vero
Title: Baron Thinks, Author: Laurie Dean
Title: Casey and Bella Go to Hollywood, Author: Jane Lovascio
Title: Eva Lilly And The Three-Toed Snooch, Author: Muggs

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