Title: 4th Generation Warfare Handbook, Author: William S. Lind
Title: 4D Warfare: A Doctrine for a New Generation of Politics, Author: Jack Posobiec
Title: The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon, Author: Moira Greyland
Title: Los secretos de los manuscritos del Mar Muerto, Author: Dominique Lormier
Title: Corporate Cancer: How to Work Miracles and Save Millions by Curing Your Company, Author: Vox Day
Title: Victoria: A Novel of 4th Generation War, Author: Thomas Hobbes
Title: The Long Moonlight, Author: Razor Fist
Title: SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police, Author: Vox Day
Title: SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police, Author: Vox Day
Title: Milo Chronicles: Devotions 2016 - 2019, Author: Rachel Fulton Brown
Title: A History of Strategy: From Sun Tzu to William S. Lind, Author: Martin van Creveld
Title: Tales of Greece & Rome, Author: William Patten
Title: Myths & Legends, Author: William Patten
Title: Fairy Tales & Fables, Author: William Patten
Title: City Beyond Time: Tales of the Fall of Metachronopolis, Author: John C. Wright
Title: Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity's Greatest Thinker, Author: Vox Day
Title: Middle Rages: Why The Battle For Medieval Studies Matters To America, Author: Milo Yiannopoulos
Title: There Will Be War Volume X: History's End, Author: Martin Van Creveld
Title: CTRL ALT Revolt!, Author: Nick Cole
Title: There Will Be War Volumes I & II, Author: Jerry Pournelle

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