Title: A Friend for Bear, Author: Steve Smallman
Title: A Night Night Prayer, Author: Amy Parker
Title: I'm Not Grumpy!, Author: Steve Smallman
Title: Cuddle For Little Duck, Author: Claire Freedman
Title: I Will Always Love You, Author: Caroline Pedler
Title: Bedtime for Little Bears!, Author: David Bedford
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Title: When You Need a Friend, Author: Suzanne Chiew
Title: Friends to the Rescue, Author: Suzanne Chiew
Title: Scaredy Bear, Author: Steve Smallman
Title: A Mouse So Small, Author: Angela McAllister
Title: A Sparkly Ballet Story, Author: Nicola Baxter
Title: Badger and the Big Adventure, Author: Suzanne Chiew
Title: Christmas Animal Tales, Author: Adèle Geras
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Title: That's What Friends Are For, Author: Suzanne Chiew
Title: I Can't Sleep!, Author: Owen Hart
Title: I Can Do It!, Author: Tracey Corderoy
Title: It's Mine!, Author: Tracey Corderoy
Title: The Twelve Days of Christmas, Author: Caroline Pedler
Title: Don't Be Afraid Little Ones - Choice edition, Author: M. Christina Butler
Title: The Bear in the Boat, Author: Owen Hart Pre-Order Now

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