Title: Definiteness / Edition 1, Author: Christopher Lyons
Title: Conversation Analysis, Author: Rebecca Clift
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Title: Lexical Semantics / Edition 1, Author: D. A. Cruse
Title: An Introduction to Pidgins and Creoles / Edition 1, Author: John Holm
Title: Grammatical Voice, Author: Fernando Zúñiga
Title: Endangered Languages: An Introduction, Author: Sarah G. Thomason
Title: Language Contact, Author: Yaron Matras
Title: Word-Formation in English, Author: Ingo Plag
Title: Language Change, Author: Joan Bybee
Title: Formal Semantics: An Introduction, Author: Ronnie Cann
Title: Gender, Author: Greville G. Corbett
Title: Pragmatics / Edition 1, Author: Stephen C. Levinson
Title: Writing Systems: An Introduction to Their Linguistic Analysis, Author: Florian Coulmas
Title: Philosophy of Language, Author: Zoltán Gendler Szabó
Title: Grammaticalization / Edition 2, Author: Paul J. Hopper
Title: Syntactic Analysis: An HPSG-based Approach, Author: Robert D. Levine
Title: The Physics of Speech / Edition 1, Author: D. B. Fry
Title: Cognitive Linguistics / Edition 1, Author: William Croft
Title: Phonology: An Introduction to Basic Concepts / Edition 1, Author: Roger Lass
Title: Lexical Meaning, Author: M. Lynne Murphy

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