Title: Embryology, Epigenesis and Evolution: Taking Development Seriously / Edition 1, Author: Jason Scott Robert
Title: Aristotle's Philosophy of Biology: Studies in the Origins of Life Science, Author: James G. Lennox
Title: Biological Individuality: The Identity and Persistence of Living Entities, Author: Jack Wilson
Title: Reasoning in Biological Discoveries: Essays on Mechanisms, Interfield Relations, and Anomaly Resolution, Author: Lindley Darden
Title: Biological Complexity and Integrative Pluralism, Author: Sandra D. Mitchell
Title: Evolutionary Ethics and Contemporary Biology, Author: Giovanni Boniolo
Title: Biology and Epistemology / Edition 1, Author: Richard Creath
Title: From a Biological Point of View: Essays in Evolutionary Philosophy, Author: Elliott Sober
Title: Darwinism's Struggle for Survival: Heredity and the Hypothesis of Natural Selection / Edition 1, Author: Jean Gayon
Title: Science, Politics, and Evolution, Author: Elisabeth A. Lloyd
Title: Concepts and Methods in Evolutionary Biology, Author: Robert N. Brandon
Title: Adaptationism and Optimality, Author: Steven Hecht Orzack
Title: Darwinism's Struggle for Survival: Heredity and the Hypothesis of Natural Selection, Author: Jean Gayon
Title: Philosophy and Biodiversity, Author: Markku Oksanen
Title: Form and Function in Developmental Evolution, Author: Manfred D. Laubichler
Title: Complexity and the Function of Mind in Nature, Author: Peter Godfrey-Smith
Title: The Poverty of the Linnaean Hierarchy: A Philosophical Study of Biological Taxonomy, Author: Marc Ereshefsky
Title: Genetic Analysis: A History of Genetic Thinking, Author: Raphael Falk
Title: The Problem of Animal Generation in Early Modern Philosophy, Author: Justin E. H. Smith
Title: The Immune Self: Theory or Metaphor? / Edition 1, Author: Alfred I. Tauber

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