Title: The Science of the Struggle for Existence: On the Foundations of Ecology, Author: Gregory J. Cooper
Title: Natural Kinds and Conceptual Change, Author: Joseph LaPorte
Title: Information and Meaning in Evolutionary Processes, Author: William F. Harms
Title: Adaptationism and Optimality, Author: Steven Hecht Orzack
Title: Embryology, Epigenesis and Evolution: Taking Development Seriously / Edition 1, Author: Jason Scott Robert
Title: Genetic Analysis: A History of Genetic Thinking, Author: Raphael Falk
Title: The Epistemology of Development, Evolution, and Genetics, Author: Richard Burian
Title: Biological Individuality: The Identity and Persistence of Living Entities / Edition 1, Author: Jack Wilson
Title: Darwinism's Struggle for Survival: Heredity and the Hypothesis of Natural Selection / Edition 1, Author: Jean Gayon
Title: Searching for Sustainability: Interdisciplinary Essays in the Philosophy of Conservation Biology / Edition 1, Author: Bryan G. Norton
Title: Biological Complexity and Integrative Pluralism / Edition 1, Author: Sandra D. Mitchell
Title: The Poverty of the Linnaean Hierarchy: A Philosophical Study of Biological Taxonomy, Author: Marc Ereshefsky
Title: Making Sense of Heritability, Author: Neven Sesardic
Title: The Evolution of Agency and Other Essays, Author: Kim Sterelny
Title: The Biology and Psychology of Moral Agency, Author: William Andrew Rottschaefer
Title: Making Prehistory: Historical Science and the Scientific Realism Debate, Author: Derek Turner
Title: The Evolution of Reason: Logic as a Branch of Biology, Author: William S Cooper
Title: The Evolution of Reason: Logic as a Branch of Biology, Author: William S. Cooper
Title: The Concept of the Gene in Development and Evolution: Historical and Epistemological Perspectives, Author: Peter J. Beurton
Title: The Problem of Animal Generation in Early Modern Philosophy, Author: Justin E. H. Smith

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