Title: Toward 'Uhuru' in Tanzania: The Politics of Participation, Author: G. Andrew Maguire
Title: The Durham Report and British Policy: A Critical Essay, Author: Ged  Martin
Title: The Making of Modern Belize: Politics, Society and British Colonialism in Central America, Author: C. H. Grant
Title: The Scramble for Southern Africa, 1877-1895: The politics of partition reappraised, Author: D. M. Schreuder
Title: Modern India 1885-1947, Author: Sumit Sarkar
Title: Canada and the Transition to Commonwealth: British-Canadian Relations 1917-1926, Author: Philip G. Wigley
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Title: Imagined Commonwealth: Cambridge Essays on Commonwealth and International Literature in English, Author: T.J. Cribb
Title: Mackinnon and East Africa 1878-1895: A Study in the 'New Imperialism', Author: John S. Galbraith
Title: British Imperial Policy and Decolonization, 1938-64: Volume 2: 1951-64, Author: Andrew Porter
Title: Politics, Women and Well-Being: How Kerala became 'a Model', Author: Robin Jeffrey
Title: The Commonwealth Secretariat and the Contemporary Commonwealth, Author: Margaret P. Doxey
Title: Developing the Third World: The Experience of the Nineteen-Sixties, Author: Robinson
Title: The Political Economy of the Raj 1914-1947: The Economics of Decolonization in India, Author: B R Tomlinson