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Title: Alexis: The Fragments: A Commentary, Author: Alexis
Title: Diogenes Laertius: Lives of Eminent Philosophers, Author: Tiziano Dorandi
Title: The Colloquia of the Hermeneumata Pseudodositheana 2 Volume Set, Author: Eleanor Dickey
Title: Aristotle: 'Historia Animalium': Volume 1, Books I-X: Text, Author: Aristotle
Title: Aratus: Phaenomena, Author: Aratus
Title: The Annals of Tacitus: Book 3, Author: Tacitus
Title: Euripides: Phoenissae, Author: Euripides
Title: Theophrastus: Characters, Author: Theophrastus
Title: Sophocles: Ajax, Author: Sophocles
Title: Sophocles: Electra, Author: Sophocles
Title: Frontinus: De Aquaeductu Urbis Romae, Author: Sextus Julius Frontinus
Title: Octavia: A Play Attributed to Seneca, Author: Rolando Ferri
Title: Stesichorus: The Poems, Author: Stesichorus
Title: Sophocles: Oedipus the King, Author: Cambridge University Press
Title: The Rhesus Attributed to Euripides, Author: Marco  Fantuzzi
Title: Venantius Fortunatus: Vita Sancti MartiniPrologue and Books I-II, Author: Cambridge University Press
Title: Posidonius: Volume 3, The Translation of the Fragments, Author: Posidonius
Title: The Colloquia of the Hermeneumata Pseudodositheana, Author: Eleanor Dickey
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Title: Ovid: Ars Amatoria, Book III, Author: Ovid
Title: Antiphon the Sophist: The Fragments, Author: Antiphon

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