Title: Dante's Inferno: Difficulty and Dead Poetry, Author: Robin Kirkpatrick
Title: Dante and Difference: Writing in the 'Commedia', Author: Jeremy Tambling
Title: Troubadours and Irony, Author: Simon Gaunt
Title: Piers Plowman and the New Anticlericalism, Author: Wendy Scase
Title: The Cantar de mio Cid: Poetic Creation in its Economic and Social Contexts, Author: Joseph J. Duggan
Title: Reformist Apocalypticism and Piers Plowman, Author: Kathryn Kerby-Fulton
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Title: Dante and the Medieval Other World, Author: Alison Morgan
Title: The Theatre of Medieval Europe: New Research in Early Drama, Author: Eckehard Simon
Title: Rhetoric, Hermeneutics, and Translation in the Middle Ages: Academic Traditions and Vernacular Texts / Edition 1, Author: Rita Copeland
Title: The Arthurian Romances of Chrétien de Troyes: Once and Future Fictions, Author: Donald Maddox
Title: Richard Rolle and the Invention of Authority, Author: Nicholas Watson
Title: Dreaming in the Middle Ages, Author: Steven F. Kruger
Title: Dreaming in the Middle Ages, Author: Steven F. Kruger
Title: Chaucer and the Tradition of the Roman Antique, Author: Barbara Nolan
Title: The Romance of the Rose and its Medieval Readers: Interpretation, Reception, Manuscript Transmission, Author: Sylvia Huot
Title: Women and Literature in Britain, 1150-1500 / Edition 2, Author: Carol M. Meale
Title: Ideas and Forms of Tragedy from Aristotle to the Middle Ages, Author: Henry Ansgar Kelly
Title: The Making of Textual Culture: 'Grammatica' and Literary Theory 350-1100, Author: Martin Irvine
Title: Narrative, Authority and Power: The Medieval Exemplum and the Chaucerian Tradition, Author: Larry Scanlon
Title: Medieval Dutch Literature in its European Context, Author: Erik Kooper

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