Title: The Beaumont Twins: The Roots and Branches of Power in the Twelfth Century, Author: David Crouch
Title: The Thought of Gregory the Great, Author: G. R. Evans
Title: The Government of England under Henry I, Author: Judith A. Green
Title: Charity and Community in Medieval Cambridge, Author: Miri Rubin
Title: Autonomy and Community: The Royal Manor of Havering, 1200-1500, Author: Marjorie Keniston McIntosh
Title: The Political Thought of Baldus de Ubaldis, Author: Joseph Canning
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Title: Land and Power in Late Medieval Ferrara: The Rule of the Este, 1350-1450, Author: Trevor Dean
Title: William of Tyre: Historian of the Latin East, Author: Peter W. Edbury
Title: The Royal Saints of Anglo-Saxon England: A Study of West Saxon and East Anglian Cults, Author: Susan J. Ridyard
Title: John of Wales: A Study of the Works and Ideas of a Thirteenth-Century Friar, Author: Jenny Swanson
Title: Richard III: A Study of Service / Edition 1, Author: Rosemary Horrox
Title: A Marginal Economy?: East Anglian Breckland in the Later Middle Ages, Author: Mark Bailey
Title: Clement VI: The Pontificate and Ideas of an Avignon Pope, Author: Diana Wood
Title: Hagiography and the Cult of Saints: The Diocese of Orléans, 800-1200, Author: Thomas Head
Title: Kings and Lords in Conquest England, Author: Robin Fleming
Title: Council and Hierarchy: The Political Thought of William Durant the Younger, Author: Constantin Fasolt
Title: Warfare in the Latin East, 1192-1291 / Edition 1, Author: Christopher Marshall
Title: Province and Empire: Brittany and the Carolingians, Author: Julia M. H. Smith
Title: Province and Empire: Brittany and the Carolingians, Author: Julia M. H. Smith
Title: A Gentry Community: Leicestershire in the Fifteenth Century, c.1422-c.1485, Author: Eric Acheson

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