Title: Prosodic Systems and Intonation in English, Author: David Crystal
Title: The Sentence in Written English: A Syntactic Study Based on an Analysis of Scientific Texts, Author: Rodney D. Huddleston
Title: The Grammar of Case: Towards a Localistic Theory, Author: John M. Anderson
Title: Linguistic Evolution: With Special Reference to English, Author: M. L. Samuels
Title: Inflectional Morphology: A Theoretical Study Based on Aspects of Latin Verb Conjugation, Author: P. H. Matthews
Title: Phonological Rules and Dialect Variation: A Study of the Phonology of Lumasaaba, Author: Gillian Brown
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Title: The Generative Interpretation of Dialect: A Study of Modern Greek Phonology, Author: Brian Newton
Title: The Dyirbal Language of North Queensland, Author: R. M. W. Dixon
Title: Transformational Grammar as a Theory of Language Acquisition: A Study in the Empirical Conceptual and Methodological Foundations of Contemporary Linguistics, Author: Bruce L. Derwing
Title: Early Syntactic Development: A Cross-Linguistic Study with Special Reference to Finnish, Author: Melissa Bowerman
Title: Accent and Rhythm: Prosodic Features of Latin and Greek: A Study in Theory and Reconstruction, Author: W. Sidney Allen
Title: The Social Differentiation of English in Norwich, Author: Peter Trudgill
Title: Old English Phonology, Author: Roger Lass
Title: Presupposition and the Delimitation of Semantics, Author: Ruth M. Kempson
Title: The Linguistic Theory of Numerals, Author: James R. Hurford
Title: English Phonology and Phonological Theory: Synchronic and Diachronic Studies, Author: Roger Lass
Title: The Syntax of Welsh: A Transformational Study of the Passive, Author: G. M. Awbery
Title: A Grammar of Yidin, Author: R. M. W. Dixon
Title: Foundations of Theoretical Phonology, Author: James Foley
Title: Principles of Diachronic Syntax, Author: Lightfoot

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