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Title: RNA, the Epicenter of Genetic Information, Author: John Mattick Pre-Order Now
Title: The Mediterranean Way of Eating: Evidence for Chronic Disease Prevention and Weight Management, Author: John J.B. Anderson
Title: The Impact Challenge: Reframing Sustainability for Businesses, Author: Alessia Falsarone
Title: Defense against the Black Arts: How Hackers Do What They Do and How to Protect against It, Author: Jesse Varsalone
Title: Creating Through Mind and Emotions, Author: Mário S. Ming Kong
Title: Neutrino Physics, Author: Kai Zuber
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Title: Handbook of Optical and Laser Scanning, Author: Gerald F. Marshall
Title: Tools for Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Author: Jeremy J. Becnel
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Title: Principles of Biostatistics, Author: Marcello Pagano
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Title: Developing Graphics Frameworks with Python and OpenGL, Author: Lee Stemkoski
Title: Honey Bee Colony Health: Challenges and Sustainable Solutions, Author: Diana Sammataro
Title: Fluid Balance, Hydration, and Athletic Performance, Author: Flavia Meyer
Title: Antioxidants in Sport Nutrition, Author: Manfred Lamprecht
Title: Improving Assessment and Evaluation Strategies on Online Learning: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Learning Innovation (ICLI 2021), Malang, Indonesia, 29 July 2021, Author: Surjani Wonorahardjo
Title: Mathematical Aspects of Logic Programming Semantics, Author: Pascal Hitzler
Title: Compact Models for Integrated Circuit Design: Conventional Transistors and Beyond, Author: Samar K. Saha
Title: Primer on Radiation Oncology Physics: Video Tutorials with Textbook and Problems, Author: Eric Ford
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Title: Tapestry Lawns: Freed from Grass and Full of Flowers, Author: Lionel Smith
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Title: GIS in Sustainable Urban Planning and Management: A Global Perspective, Author: Martin van Maarseveen
Title: Video Game Law: Everything you need to know about Legal and Business Issues in the Game Industry, Author: S. Gregory Boyd
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