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Title: Empowering Civil Society in the Industrial Revolution 4.0: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Citizenship Education and Democratic Issues (ICCEDI 2020), Malang, Indonesia, October 14, 2020, Author: Sukowiyono
Title: Microscale Testing in Aquatic Toxicology: Advances, Techniques, and Practice, Author: Peter G. Wells
Title: Eleventh International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields: Volume 1, Author: Inge Hoff
Title: Advances in Phytochemistry, Textile and Renewable Energy Research for Industrial Growth: Proceedings of the International Conference of Phytochemistry, Textile and Renewable Energy for Sustainable development (ICPTRE 2020), August 12-14, Eldoret, Kenya, Author: Charles Nzila
Title: Development, Social Change and Environmental Sustainability: Proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Sociology and Educational Transformation (ICCSET 2020), Malang, Indonesia, 23 September 2020, Author: Sumarmi
Title: Eleventh International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields: Volume 3, Author: Inge Hoff
Title: Neutrino Physics, Author: Kai Zuber
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Title: Quaternary Vegetation Dynamics: The African Pollen Database, Author: Jürgen Runge
Title: Applied Design Research: A Mosaic of 22 Examples, Experiences and Interpretations Focussing on Bridging the Gap between Practice and Academics, Author: Peter Joore
Title: Phenotypic Plasticity & Evolution: Causes, Consequences, Controversies, Author: David W. Pfennig
Title: Advances in raw material industries for sustainable development goals, Author: Vladimir Litvinenko
Title: Disposable Bioprocessing Systems, Author: Sarfaraz K. Niazi
Title: Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Handbook: Fabrication, Implementation, and Applications, Author: Sushanta K. Mitra
Title: Age-Period-Cohort Analysis: New Models, Methods, and Empirical Applications, Author: Yang Yang
Title: The Evolution of Geotech - 25 Years of Innovation, Author: Reginald Hammah
Title: History of Construction Cultures Volume 1: Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on Construction History (7ICCH 2021), July 12-16, 2021, Lisbon, Portugal, Author: João Mascarenhas-Mateus
Title: Sterile Insect Technique: Principles And Practice In Area-Wide Integrated Pest Management, Author: Victor A. Dyck
Title: Minefill 2020-2021: Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill, 25-28 May 2021, Katowice, Poland, Author: Ferri Hassani
Title: The COST Manual of Laboratory Animal Care and Use: Refinement, Reduction, and Research, Author: Bryan Howard
Title: Unit Operations of Particulate Solids: Theory and Practice, Author: Enrique Ortega-Rivas

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