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Title: Genetic Epidemiology: Methods and Applications, Author: Melissa A. Austin
Title: New Land, New Life: A success story of new land resettlement in Bangladesh, Author: Andrew Jenkins
Title: Healthy Soils for Healthy Vines: Soil Management for Productive Vineyards, Author: Robert E. White
Title: Bananas and Plantains / Edition 2, Author: John C. Robinson
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Title: Introduction to Animal and Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology, Author: Victoria Aspinall
Title: Parasites and Pets: A Veterinary Nursing Guide, Author: Hany M. Elsheikha
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Title: Organic Food Systems: Meeting the Needs of Southern Africa, Author: Raymond Auerbach
Title: Biosecurity in Animal Production and Veterinary Medicine: From Principles to Practice, Author: Jeroen Dewulf
Title: Managing Outdoor Recreation: Case Studies in the National Parks / Edition 2, Author: Robert E. Manning
Title: Vegetable Grafting: Principles and Practices, Author: Giuseppe Colla
Title: Cut Flowers of the World: Identification, Production and Post-harvest Handling, Author: Johannes Maree
Title: Hemp Diseases and Pests: Management and Biological Control / Edition 1, Author: J. M. McPartland
Title: Mental Health and Well-Being in Animals, Author: Franklin D. McMillan
Title: Medicinal Plants of the World, Author: Ben-Erik van Wyk
Title: The Encyclopedia of Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Author: Richard C. Russell
Title: Horse Genetics / Edition 3, Author: Ernest Bailey
Title: Building Agricultural Extension Capacity in Post-Conflict Settings: Case Studies, Author: Paul McNamara
Title: Quantitative Genetics, Genomics and Plant Breeding / Edition 2, Author: Manjit S. Kang
Title: Asking Animals: An Introduction to Animal Behaviour Testing, Author: Birte Lindstrom Nielsen
Title: Comparative Animal Nutrition and Metabolism, Author: Peter Robert Cheeke
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