Title: Eight Bar Riff: 1943-1950, Artist: Harry James & His Musicmakers
Title: Hi-De-Ho
Title: The Collection 1932-1954, Artist: Artie Shaw
Title: New Orleans Jazz Man and Raconteur, Artist: Danny Barker
Title: 1944-1945, Artist: Count Basie Orchestra
Title: The Dizzy Gillespie Collection: 1937-46, Artist: Dizzy Gillespie
Title: The Teddy Wilson Collection: 1933-1942, Artist: Teddy Wilson
Title: The Roy Eldridge Collection: 1935-1945, Artist: Roy Eldridge
Title: The Big Band: A Tribute to Basie, Artist: Jimmy McGriff
Title: Masters of Jazz, Artist: Billie Holiday
Title: Jazz Moods: Hot, Artist: Artie Shaw
Title: This Is Jazz, Vol. 11, Artist: Count Basie
Title: Plays the Blues, Artist: Stan Getz
Title: Butterflies in the Rain, Artist: Jonah Jones
Title: Fear of the Dawn, Artist: Jack White
Title: Gold, Artist: Billie Holiday
Title: Swinging the Blues Dancing the Ska, Artist: Jools Holland