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Title: The Ridge, Artist: Julian Taylor
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Title: Get Back Change, Artist: Ron Hynes
Title: Beautiful: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot, Artist:
Title: Elk-Lake Serenade, Artist: Hayden
Title: Silhouette, Artist: Catherine MacLellan
Title: The Good In Goodbye, Artist: Madison Violet
Title: Ron Hynes, Artist: Ron Hynes
Title: Love Can't Tell Time, Artist: Murray McLauchlan
Title: Stealing Genius, Artist: Ron Hynes
Title: This Beautiful Mess, Artist: Michael Jerome Browne
Title: Hourglass, Artist: Murray McLauchlan
Title: Field Guide to Loneliness, Artist: Ben Sures
Title: The County Primaries, Artist: Kevin Brown
Title: Small Theatres, Artist: Evalyn Parry
Title: Human Writes, Artist: Murray McLauchlan