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Title: Marijuana: A Short History, Author: John Hudak
Title: Dynamics of the Party System: Alignment and Realignment of Political Parties in the United States / Edition 1, Author: James L. Sundquist
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Title: The Rise of Illiberalism, Author: Thomas J. Main
Title: The Fifth Freedom: Guaranteeing an Opportunity-Rich Childhood for All, Author: David Erickson Pre-Order Now
Title: The Rhyme of History: Lessons of the Great War, Author: Margaret MacMillan
Title: Political Realism: How Hacks, Machines, Big Money, and Back-Room Deals Can Strengthen American Democracy, Author: Jonathan Rauch
Title: The Siberian Curse: How Communist Planners Left Russia Out in the Cold, Author: Fiona Hill
Title: Nuclear Blackmail and Nuclear Balance / Edition 1, Author: Richard K. Betts
Title: Scandal Proof: Do Ethics Laws Make Government Ethical?, Author: G. Calvin MacKenzie
Title: The Last Gentleman: Thomas Hughes and the End of the American Century, Author: Bruce L.R. Smith
Title: Trump's Democrats, Author: Stephanie Muravchik
Title: The Economic Effects of Airline Deregulation, Author: Steven Morrison
Title: Trans-Atlantic Tensions: The United States, Europe, and Problem Countries, Author: Richard N. Haass
Title: Intervention: The Use of American Military Force in the Post-Cold War World / Edition 1, Author: Richard N. Haass
Title: The Centaur's Dilemma: National Security Law for the Coming AI Revolution, Author: James E. Baker
Title: Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam, Author: Akbar Ahmed
Title: Blue Metros, Red States: The Shifting Urban-Rural Divide in America's Swing States, Author: David F. Damore
Title: Governing the Nile River Basin: The Search for a New Legal Regime, Author: Mwangi Kimenyi
Title: Why Presidents Fail And How They Can Succeed Again, Author: Elaine  C. Kamarck
Title: What We Won: America's Secret War in Afghanistan, 1979¿89, Author: Bruce Riedel

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