Title: Henry Ford's Own Story, Author: Rose Wilder Lane
Title: Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete (Unabridged), Author: Samuel Pepys
Title: What I Saw In America, Author: G. K. Chesterton
Title: Public Opinion, Author: Walter Lippman
Title: Democracy in America: Complete and Unabridged, Author: Alexis de Toqueville
Title: Poems of T.S. Eliot, Author: T. S. Eliot
Title: With the Swamp Fox, Author: James Otis
Title: Mary of Plymouth, Author: James Otis
Title: China and Pottery Marks (Illustrated), Author: Unknown
Title: The Demi-gods, Author: James Stephens
Title: A Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems, Author: Various
Title: The Hunting of the Snark (Annotated), Author: Lewis Carroll
Title: A Magnificent Fight: Marines in the Battle for Wake Island (Illustrated), Author: Robert Cressman
Title: How to Solve Conundrums (Annotated), Author: Anonymous
Title: New Discoveries at Jamestown, Author: John Cotter
Title: The Complete Memoirs of Napolean Bonaparte, Author: Napolean Bonaparte
Title: The Spectator: Complete and Unabridged, Author: Joseph Addison
Title: Middlemarch (Annotated), Author: George Eliot
Title: The Evolution of Modern Medicine, Author: William Osler
Title: Grapes of Wrath, Author: Boyd Cable

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