Title: Anne of Avonlea (Illustrated), Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Title: Lysistrata (Illustrated and Annotated), Author: Aristophanes
Title: Les Misérables (Unabridged and Illustrated), Author: Victor Hugo
Title: The Taming of the Shrew (Annotated), Author: William Shakespeare
Title: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Unabridged), Author: J.A. Giles
Title: Training For the Trenches, Author: Captain Leslie Vickers
Title: Beyond the Marne, Author: Henriette Cuvru-Magot
Title: The Essence of Christianity, Author: Ludwig Feuerbach
Title: From Makin to Bougainville: Marine Raiders in the Pacific War (Illustrated), Author: Jon Hoffman
Title: Fanny Hill: Or, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (Annotated), Author: John Cleland
Title: The Twelve Caesars, Author: Seutonius
Title: The Ashtabula Disaster, Author: Stephen Peet
Title: McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader, Author: William McGuffey
Title: The Girls of Silver Spur Ranch, Author: Grace Cooke
Title: Punch Cartoons of the Great War, Author: Various
Title: The Plays of Anton Chekhov, Author: Anton Chekhov
Title: Martin Chuzzlewit (Illustrated and Annotated), Author: Charles Dickens
Title: Every Day Life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Author: George Francis Dow
Title: Common Sense (Illustrated), Author: Thomas Payne
Title: Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome (Illustrated), Author: Apicius

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