Title: The Langoliers
Director: Tom Holland
Title: Second Sight
Director: Joel Zwick
Title: Waking the Dead, Author: Kylie Brant
Title: The Sublime Engine: A Biography of the Human Heart, Author: Stephen Amidon
Title: Panzer Commander: The Memoirs of Colonel Hans von Luck, Author: Hans von Luck
Title: Deep River, Author: Karl Marlantes
Title: Spellbound (Grimnoir Chronicles #2), Author: Larry Correia
Title: Everybody's Somebody's Fool, Author: Ed Gorman
Title: Murder on the Orient Elite, Author: Larry Correia
Title: Leap High Yahoo, Author: Robert Repino
Title: Doom City, Author: Robert McCammon
Title: His Father's Eyes, Author: David B. Coe
Title: The Redemption Trilogy Box Set: Emergence, Penance, Resurgence, Author: AJ Sikes
Title: Phoenix Noir, Author: Patrick Millikin (Editor)
Title: King of the Road, Author: R. S. Belcher
Title: The Child Thief: A Novel, Author: Dan Smith
Title: On the Grid: A Plot of Land, An Average Neighborhood, and the Systems that Make Our World Work, Author: Scott Huler
Title: Satan's Gate, Author: Walt Browning
Title: Alliance of Shadows, Author: Larry Correia
Title: The Celebrant, Author: Eric Rolfe Greenberg

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