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Title: Minor Marriage in Early Islamic Law, Author: Carolyn Baugh
Title: In the Court of the Gentiles: Narrative, Exemplarity, and Scriptural Adaptation in the Court Tales of Flavius Josephus, Author: David Edwards Pre-Order Now
Title: Ultimate Freedom ? No Choice: The Culture of Authoritarianism in Latvia, 1934?1940, Author: Deniss Hanovs
Title: Seventeenth-Century Libraries: Problems and Perspectives, Author: Robyn Adams Pre-Order Now
Title: Genesios on the Reigns of the Emperors: Translation and Commentary, Author: Kaldellis Anthony
Title: Peoples and International Law: Second Revised Edition, Author: James Summers
Title: Arts-Based Methods in Education Research in Japan, Author: Kayoko Komatsu
Title: Shades of Gray in the Changing Religious Markets of China, Author: Brill
Title: The Collected Papers of J. L. Moles (2-Vol. Set), Author: John Marincola Pre-Order Now
Title: The Recent and Fossil meet Kempf Database Ostracoda: Festschrift Eugen Karl Kempf ? Proceedings of the 15th International German Ostracodologists? Meeting, Author: Finn Viehberg
Title: Pre-Order Now
Title: Ethics and Military Practice, Author: Dïsirïe Verweij
Title: Logik und Moderne: Hegels Wissenschaft der Logik als Paradigma moderner Subjektivitat, Author: Brill
Title: Material Culture and Queenship in 14th-century France: The Testament of Blanche of Navarre (1331-1398), Author: Marguerite Keane
Title: Moria de Erasmo Roterodamo: A Critical Edition of the Early Modern Spanish Translation of Erasmus's Encomium Moriae, Author: Jorge Ledo
Title: Preaching a Dual Identity: Huguenot Sermons and the Shaping of Confessional Identity, 1629-1685, Author: Nicholas Must
Title: Historicizing Sunni Islam in the Ottoman Empire, c. 1450-c. 1750, Author: Tijana Krstic
Title: Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of Syntax-Discourse Interface in Heritage Grammars, Author: Tania Ivanova-Sullivan
Title: Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures 2010-2020, Volume 1: Family, Law, Religion, and Theory, Author: Suad Joseph
Title: Human-Animal Interactions in the Eighteenth Century: From Pests and Predators to Pets, Poems and Philosophy, Author: Brill

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