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Title: Moving Sculptures: Southern Netherlandish alabasters from the 16th to 17th centuries in Central and Northern Europe, Author: Aleksandra Lipinska
Title: Simplicius on the Planets and Their Motions: In Defense of a Heresy, Author: Alan C. Bowen
Title: Enlightened Preaching: Balthasar M?nter?s Authorship 1772-1793, Author: Merethe Roos
Title: Nicander of Colophon's <i>Theriaca</i>: A Literary Commentary, Author: Floris Overduin
Title: ABIA: South and Southeast Asian Art and Archaeology Index: Volume Three - South Asia, Author: Brill
Title: Legislating for Equality: A Multinational Collection of Non-Discrimination Norms. Volume II: Americas / Edition 2, Author: Talia Naamat
Title: Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment, Volume 1: Urban Challenges, Public Participation, and Natural Disasters, Author: Dongping YANG
Title: The Medieval Chronicle 14, Author: Brill
Title: European External Action Service: Promoting Coherence through Autonomy and Coordination, Author: Mauro Gatti
Title: The Humboldtian Tradition: Origins and Legacies, Author: Peter Josephson
Title: A Nomadic Pedagogy about Technology: Teaching the Ongoing Process of Becoming Ethnotechnologically Literate, Author: John R Dakers
Title: Gramsci's Pathways, Author: Guido Liguori
Title: Spanish Yearbook of International Law, Volume 16 (2010), Author: Asociacion Espanola de Prof. de Derecho
Title: Philologischer, historischer und liturgischer Kommentar zum 8. Buch der Johannis des Goripp: nebst kritischer Edition und ?bersetzung, Author: Peter Riedlberger
Title: Religion as an Agent of Change: Crusades - Reformation - Pietism, Author: Brill
Title: Die Lehre von den Seelenpotenzen bei Durandus von Saint-Pourcain: Eine philosophische Psychologie im Ubergang vom Hoch- zum Spatmittelalter, Author: Thomas Jeschke
Title: Galen's Treatise, (De indolentia) in Context: A Tale of Resilience, Author: Caroline Petit
Title: La biographie comme genre litteraire: Memoires d'Hadriende Marguerite Yourcenar, Author: Pauline A.H. Hormann
Title: Honorius III et l'Orient (1216-1227): ?tude et publication de sources in?dites des Archives vaticanes (ASV), Author: Pierre-Vincent Claverie
Title: The Exegetical Terminology of Akkadian Commentaries, Author: Uri Gabbay

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