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Title: No BS (Bad Stats): Black People Need People Who Believe in Black People Enough Not to Believe Every Bad Thing They Hear about Black People, Author: Ivory A. Toldson
Title: Rhodesia File, Author: Kwame Nkrumah
Title: Dutch and Flemish Flower Pieces (2 vols): Paintings, Drawings and Prints up to the Nineteenth Century, Author: Sam Segal
Title: The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research: Essays on the Status Quaestionis. Second Edition, Author: Bart D. Ehrman
Title: I Hope I Don't See You Tomorrow: A Phenomenological Ethnography of the Passages Academy School Program, Author: Lee A. Gabay
Title: An Introductory Grammar of Rabbinic Hebrew / Edition 1, Author: Miguel Perez Fernandez
Title: Tikim: Essays on Philippine Food and Culture, Author: Doreen G. Fernandez
Title: Feeling White: Whiteness, Emotionality, and Education, Author: Cheryl E. Matias
Title: The Apocryphal Epistle to the Laodiceans: An Epistolary and Rhetorical Analysis, Author: Philip L. Tite
Title: Guide to the Study of Ancient Magic, Author: David Frankfurter
Title: Ancient Egyptian Animal Fables: Tree Climbing Hippos and Ennobled Mice, Author: Jennifer Miyuki Babcock Pre-Order Now
Title: The Eudaimonist Ethics of Al-Fārābī And Avicenna, Author: Janne Mattila
Title: The Chronicle of Lord Nobunaga, Author: Gyuichi Ota
Title: #HipHopEd: The Compilation on Hip-hop Education: Volume 1: Hip-hop as Education, Philosophy, and Practice, Author: Christopher Emdin
Title: Anarchy and Society: Reflections on Anarchist Sociology, Author: Jeffrey Shantz
Title: Royal Police Ordinances in Early Modern Sweden: The Emergence of Voluntaristic Understanding of Law, Author: Toomas Kotkas
Title: Thinking Through Confucian Modernity: A Study of Mou Zongsan's Moral Metaphysics, Author: Sebastien Billioud
Title: The Mehri Language of Oman, Author: Aaron Rubin
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Title: On the Explanation of Chess and Backgammon: Abar Wizarisn i Catrang ud Nihisn New-Ardaxsir, Author: Brill
Title: Vocatives: How Syntax meets with Pragmatics, Author: Virginia Hill

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