Title: Finding Him, Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Title: Muffin Top, Author: Avery Flynn
Title: Recall (The Red Ledger, Parts 4-5-6) (Volume 2), Author: Meredith Wild
Title: Southern Storm, Author: Natasha Madison
Title: A Little Too Late, Author: Staci Hart
Title: Merger, Author: Chelle Bliss
Title: Catastrophe Queen, Author: Emma Hart
Title: Tomboy, Author: Avery Flynn
Title: Playing Dirty, Author: C. L. Parker
Title: Only Ever You, Author: CD Reiss
Title: Dagger in the Sea, Author: Cat Porter
Title: The Enforcer, Author: Abigail Owen Pre-Order Now
Title: Queen of Diamonds, Author: Sandra Owens
Title: The (Half) Truth, Author: Leddy Harper
Title: The Seduction of Alex Parker, Author: Sandi Lynn
Title: Jake Undone, Author: Penelope Ward
Title: Love, Lust and a Millionaire, Author: Sandi Lynn
Title: Layla, Author: Colleen Hoover Pre-Order Now
Title: Southern Comfort, Author: Natasha Madison
Title: Incubus, Author: Celia Aaron

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