Title: A Dictionary of Northern Mythology, Author: Rudolph Simek
Title: Swords of the Viking Age, Author: Ian Peirce
Title: Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent: A Fourteenth-Century Princess and her World, Author: Anthony Goodman
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Title: Going My Way: Bing Crosby and American Culture, Author: Ruth Prigozy
Title: The Companion Guide to Rome, Author: Georgina Masson
Title: Decolonising the Mind: The Politics of Language in African Literature, Author: Ngugi wa Thiong'o
Title: The Bayeux Tapestry, Author: Lucien Musset
Title: Saxo Grammaticus: <I>The History of the Danes</I>, Books I-IX: I. English Text; II. Commentary, Author: Hilda R Ellis Davidson
Title: Female Circumcision and Clitoridectomy in the United States: A History of a Medical Treatment, Author: Sarah B. Rodriguez
Title: Runes: a Handbook, Author: Michael P. Barnes
Title: The Medieval Surgery, Author: Tony Hunt
Title: The Medieval Siege, Author: Jim Bradbury
Title: The Study of the Bayeux Tapestry, Author: Richard Gameson
Title: The Medieval City under Siege, Author: Ivy A. Corfis
Title: George Eastman: A Biography, Author: Elizabeth Brayer
Title: The Clarinet, Author: Jane Ellsworth
Title: The Battle for Palestine, 1917, Author: John D Grainger
Title: Metal Detecting and Archaeology, Author: Suzie Thomas
Title: Sophie Discovers Amerika: German-Speaking Women Write the New World, Author: Rob McFarland
Title: Lancelot-Grail: 6. The Quest for the Holy Grail: The Old French Arthurian Vulgate and Post-Vulgate in Translation, Author: Norris J. Lacy

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