Title: Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention: Fifth Edition, Revised & Expanded, Author: John M. Kirsch M.D.
Title: Grace to Abound: A Servant Leader's Guide to Good Works and Graceful Living, Author: Dorcas E. McCoy PhD
Title: Redemption, Author: James Teapardae
Title: The Turin Shroud: Physical Evidence of Life After Death?: (With Insights from a Jewish Perspective), Author: Mark Niyr
Title: Gardening with California Native Plants: Inland, Foothill, and Central Valley Gardens, Author: Peyton Ellas
Title: Why I Failed Charm School: A Memoir by Tisha Sterling, Author: Tisha Sterling
Title: Your Thumbprint is Your Path, Author: Nicole Adams-Fompun
Title: Basic Table Manners for Children, Author: Cheryl Parkinson
Title: Hidden in Plain Sight: A Memoir of Illuminated Blessings, Author: Darlene Harting
Title: Lipstick and Double-Cross at the Balinese, Author: Larry Brotherton
Title: My Story: An Autobiography by Bob Lewis, Author: Bob Lewis
Title: Bending Serendipity: A Book of Love, Self Revolution and Everything Else, Author: Fadi y. Sitto
Title: The Butternut Tree: A Coming-Of-Age Novel, Set in the 1940s and 1950s, Based upon a True Story of an Unspeakable Crime, Author: Maureen Ann Richards Kostalnick
Title: Some Hither, Others Yon, Author: Bob E. Freeman
Title: Transgenda - Abuse and Regret in the Sex-Change Industry ([transgender non-fiction), Author: Alex P. Serritella
Title: Gardening with California Native Plants, Author: Peyton Ellas
Title: The In-Between Years: A Former Nun's Story of Life in a Convent, Author: Mary Zenchoff
Title: Ghost Hunting Basics, Author: Chet Southworth
Title: Secrets From My Silent Eden, Author: Paul Ogden
Title: Ghosts of Killeen, Texas, Author: Chet Southworth

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