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Title: Archie's Tale: Life as I Saw It, Author: Jr. Wade N. Spruill
Title: Misplaced, Author: Gabriell Struble
Title: Fat Is Funny, Author: Michelle Wendt
Title: Colors Beyond Clouds: A Journey Through the Social Life of a Girl on the Autism Spectrum, Author: Shana Belfast
Title: Finding Hope, Author: David Allen Cole
Title: Joshua: Breaking Free, Author: Patricia Miller
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Title: SLINGSHOT 8: THE OLD WORLD, Author: Danny Creasy
Title: the perils of pencil lake, Author: Rolla Donaghy
Title: LEGEND OF BEARDS HOLLOW, Author: Kent D. Walsh
Title: My Most Amazing Adventure: 1965-1966 A Diary, Author: Caroline Court
Title: LEGION: RISE OF THE BLACK HAND, Author: J. R. Schell
Title: Alysa of the Fields: Book One in the Tellings of Xunar-kun, Author: Tina Field Howe
Title: Journey into the Realm: The Elf Girl, Author: Markelle Grabo
Title: R.I.P., Author: Ruby Pauly
Title: Twin Strokes, Author: Elizabeth Smith
Title: The Skeleton Train, Author: Craig J. Hansen
Title: When Love Begins, Author: E.G.
Title: What If? - Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book One, Author: Jeffrey M. Daniels
Title: The Tangled Web: A Mother's Secret - A Jenny & Pete Mystery, Author: Hays Williams
Title: Pirates, Eye Gougers, and Native American Rings, Author: Ted H. Shinaberry Jr.

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