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Title: CHRISTOPHER'S CLOUD: An Epic Adventure, Author: Peter Pommer
Title: Into the Shadows, Author: Beatrice Delrow
Title: Murder Seen Through The Eyes of a Child, Author: Nathan Rhodes
Title: BRAVO! BRIO: A Holiday Adventure-Fantasy, Author: Albert Rita
Title: The Wind, Author: S.K. Aizer
Title: Magic of Golden Sorrow, Author: Peter J. Smith
Title: ORA'S QUEST, Author: Debbi Weitzell
Title: Wardrobe Lady, Author: Cindy Reese Payne
Title: AN UNKNOWN VILLAGE, Author: Emma Ni
Title: LEGEND OF BEARDS HOLLOW, Author: Kent D. Walsh
Title: Wraith, Author: Rashun Ramon Carter
Title: Pirates, Eye Gougers, and Native American Rings, Author: Ted H. Shinaberry Jr.
Title: The Essence of Power: A Time Vector Novel - Book 1, Author: Scott Kirkman
Title: Misplaced, Author: Gabriell Struble
Title: Crosshairs: Rogue Drones, Author: Pferron Doss
Title: HOPE IT HELPS: A Collection of Wise Sayings, Author: Son of  Eldon
Title: Dark Days and Alleyways, Author: Hannah Benjamin
Title: Joshua: Life After Theos, Author: Patricia Miller
Title: WE HEAR THE BABIES CRY, Author: Marcella Lamsell
Title: Whispers in the Wind, Author: Laura Annie Smith

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