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Title: CHRISTOPHER'S CLOUD: An Epic Adventure, Author: Peter Pommer
Title: Twin Strokes, Author: Elizabeth Smith
Title: Dream of Utopia, Author: Andrew G. Edwards
Title: ORA'S QUEST, Author: Debbi Weitzell
Title: The Essence of Power: A Time Vector Novel - Book 1, Author: Scott Kirkman
Title: Into the Shadows, Author: Beatrice Delrow
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Title: Pirates, Eye Gougers, and Native American Rings, Author: Ted H. Shinaberry Jr.
Title: Questions, Author: Mike Anderson
Title: The Adventures of Jimmy Holiday, Author: Thomas Reed
Title: LEGEND OF BEARDS HOLLOW, Author: Kent D. Walsh
Title: What If? - Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book One, Author: Jeffrey M. Daniels
Title: THE RED OF AN APPLE, Author: Rolla Donaghy
Title: Magic of Golden Sorrow, Author: Peter J. Smith
Title: From the Abuelas' Window, Author: Nancy Toomey
Title: I Was a Teen Ghoul, Author: Katherine Warpeha
Title: Red Sea Escape: Caesarion Lives!, Author: Adam Safwat
Title: The Wind, Author: S.K. Aizer
Title: Ari Barak and the Free-Will Paradox, Author: Shaul Behr
Title: The Tangled Web: A Mother's Secret - A Jenny & Pete Mystery, Author: Hays Williams
Title: My Most Amazing Adventure: 1965-1966 A Diary, Author: Caroline Court

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