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Title: SLINGSHOT 8: THE OLD WORLD, Author: Danny Creasy
Title: Ari Barak and the Free-Will Paradox, Author: Shaul Behr
Title: I Was a Teen Ghoul, Author: Katherine Warpeha
Title: A Time to Love, Author: Angi Moore
Title: The Card, Author: B. D. King
Title: Twin Strokes, Author: Elizabeth Smith
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Title: The Current's Whisper, Author: Deidra Parrish Williams
Title: From the Abuelas' Window, Author: Nancy Toomey
Title: Dream of Utopia, Author: Andrew G. Edwards
Title: Sydney Travels to Rome: A Guide for Kids - Let's Go to Italy Series!, Author: Keith Svagerko
Title: Tales from the Forest, Author: Duncan Stirling
Title: EXCELLENCE WITHOUT EXCUSE ™: The Black Student's Guide to Academic Excellence (Classic Edition), Author: Charles W. Cherry II
Title: In The Family, Author: Rebekah Felix
Title: Seasons Change, Author: Russell Anthony DePersia
Title: 21 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence - A Practical Approach, Author: Hank Clemons PhD
Title: THE LUTHIERS: JoAnn and Mr. Gustov, Author: Suzanne Pollock
Title: Easy Peasy: When You Know, Author: L. F. Radley
Title: When Love Begins, Author: E.G.
Title: Traitor: A Tainted Age, Author: Ash Leigh

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