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Title: A new system of phrenology, Author: John S. Hittell
Title: History of Armenia by Father Michael Chamich, Author: Johannes Avdall
Title: The geology of the South Mountain belt of Berks County, Author: Edward Vincent d'Invilliers
Title: The ride of the Abernathy boys, Author: Miles Abernathy
Title: Annotated Ohio code of civil procedure, Author: W. H. Whittaker
Title: New dictionary Armenian-English, Author: Matthias Bedrossian
Title: The Central Pacific railroad, Author: Creed Haymond
Title: Hot-water heating and fitting or, Warming buildings by hot-water, Author: William J. Baldwin
Title: Memorial of Samuel Mills Capron born May 15, 1832, Author: Joseph Hopkins Twichell
Title: Power of will, Author: Frank Channing Haddock
Title: The bacteria ot the apiary With special reference to bee diseases, Author: Gershom Franklin White
Title: Experimental studies in electricity and magnetism, Author: Francis E. Nipher
Title: The practical tool-maker and designer a treatise upon the designing of tools and fixtures for machine tools and metal working machinery, Author: Herbert S. Wilson
Title: The Haigs of Bemersyde a family history, Author: John Russell
Title: Some gospel treasures, Author: John Everard
Title: The Jones family of Long Island descendants of Major Thomas Jones 1665-1726 and allied families, Author: John Henry Jones
Title: The Deane papers 1774-1790 Volume 5, Author: Silas Deane
Title: The ancient and medieval architecture of India: a study of Indo-Aryan civilisation, Author: Ernest Binfield Havell
Title: History of the Pennsylvania reserve corps, Author: Josiah Rhinehart Sypher
Title: The works of the Emperor Julian, Author: Julian Emperor of Rome

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