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Title: Mindfulness Day by Day: How to Create Peace and Happiness in Your Daily Life, Author: A Blue Mountain Arts Collection
Title: A Daybook of Positive Thinking: Daily Affirmations of Gratitude and Happiness, Author: Patricia Wayant
Title: Keep Believing!: Words to Motivate and Inspire Your Dreams, Author: A Blue Mountain Arts Collection
Title: Mothers and Daughters Are Connected by the Heart, Author: Heather Stillufsen
Title: Life Is Tough... But So Are You, Author: Heather Stillufsen
Title: Required Reading for All Teenagers: (Or at least one who is very important to me!), Author: Douglas Pagels
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Title: My Daughter, I Love You and I Believe in You, Author: Suzy Toronto
Title: A Daughter Is Life's Greatest Gift, Author: A Blue Mountain Arts Collection
Title: My Son, I Love You? Forever, for Always, and No Matter What!, Author: Suzy Toronto
Title: My Positive Thinking Journal, Author: A Blue Mountain Arts Collection
Title: Use Your Girl Power: A Journal, Author: Ashley Rice
Title: 10 Simple Things to Remember: An Inspiring Guide to Understanding Life, Author: Marci
Title: Make Every Day a Positive One: A book of encouragement, hope, and great advice, Author: Douglas Pagels
Title: You Are My
Title: Sisters Make Life More Beautiful, Author: Heather Stillufsen
Title: To My Sister: A Gift of Love and Inspiration to Thank You for Being My Sister, Author: Marci
Title: To My Beautiful Daughter, Author: Jenny Kempe
Title: 2020 Calendar: Sisters Carry Each Other in Their Hearts Forever 7.5
Title: There Is Nothing Sweeter in Life Than a Granddaughter: Words to Let a Granddaughter Know How Much She Is Loved, Author: Patricia Wayant
Title: Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of chocolate, Author: Suzy Toronto

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