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Title: Rigger: A Memoir from High School to High Steel, Author: Larry James Neff
Title: Born to Fly: From Fabric Wings to Jumbo Jets, Author: Paul R Misencik
Title: A Life In Tuscany, Author: Alessandra Benvenuti
Title: Misdemeanor Outlaw: A Confession of Life, Author: Jim McGarrah
Title: Tales from the Hot Dog Grill: The Uncensored Memoirs of a Food Service Engineer, Author: Billy Ehrlacher
Title: Man Has Premonition of Own Death: An Ancestor's Strange Demise and Other Mortal Matters, Author: Nicholas DiGiovanni
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Title: Dead Stick: A Swanson Herbinko Mystery, Author: Joe Taleroski
Title: The Master and the Maid: #1 in the Heaven's Pond Trilogy, Author: Laura Libricz
Title: Songs of Ourselves: America's Interior Landscape, Author: Editors Blue Heron Book Works
Title: I Wish I Knew, Author: Fanny Barry
Title: Dead Karma: A Swanson Herbinko Mystery in Tulum, Author: Bathsheba Monk
Title: Like a Dog: A Memoir, Author: Vincent Francone
Title: Lynnie Godfrey: Sharing Lessons Learned While Seeking the Spotlight, Author: Lynnie Godfrey
Title: Have Mercy, Author: Maddy Wells
Title: Dead Wrong: A Swanson Herbinko Mystery in Boston, Author: Bathsheba Monk
Title: Off Track: or How I Dropped Out of College and Came to be a Horse Trainer in the 1970s While All My Friends Were Still Doing Drugs, Author: Jim McGarrah
Title: Map of Life and Beauty, Author: Fanny Barry
Title: Dead Silence: A Swanson Herbinko Mystery in Paris, Author: Bathsheba Monk
Title: The Soldier's Return, Author: Laura Libricz