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Title: One of Us Is Dead, Author: Jeneva Rose
Title: And Then She Vanished, Author: Nick Jones
#1 in Series
Title: The Deep, Deep Snow, Author: Brian Freeman
Title: I Am Not Who You Think I Am: A Novel, Author: Eric Rickstad
Title: Hotel Portofino, Author: JP O'Connell
Title: The Ursulina, Author: Brian Freeman
Title: Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives, Author: Rick Bleiweiss
Title: The Hush, Author: Sara Foster
Title: The Broken Room, Author: Peter Clines
Title: Sons of Valor, Author: Brian Andrews
#1 in Series
Title: The Good Turn, Author: Dervla McTiernan
#3 in Series
Title: Killer Triggers, Author: Joe Kenda
Title: Sam Gunn Jr., Author: Ben Bova
Title: 56 Days, Author: Catherine Ryan Howard
Title: The Ravaged, Author: Norman Reedus
Title: The Ghost Moths, Author: Harry Farthing
Title: Hell Divers IX: Radioactive, Author: Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Title: Funeral for a Friend (Jonathan Stride Series #10), Author: Brian Freeman
Title: Animals, Author: Will Staples
Title: The Jade Bones, Author: Lani Forbes
#2 in Series

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