Title: The Lost Power (VanOps Series #1), Author: Avanti Centrae
Title: Wickwythe Hall, Author: Judithe Little
Title: The Color of Murder, Author: Loretta Moore
Title: The Last Humans, Author: Steven M. Moore
Title: Game Piece, Author: Alan Brenham
Title: Old Gold Mountain, Author: Bradley W. Wright
Title: Chancing Faith, Author: Empi Baryeh
Title: So Long As We're Together, Author: Glenda Burgess
Title: Tiana, Gift of the Moon ~ Women of the Northland ~ Book 2, Author: Pinkie Paranya
Title: Blood Mountain, Author: Joanne Taylor Moore
Title: Old Sins Never Die: An Emmeline Kirby & Gregory Longdon Mystery, Author: Daniella Bernett
Title: New Sins for Old Scores, Author: Tj O'Connor
Title: Blood Mountain Prophecy, Author: Joanne Taylor Moore
Title: The Blackbird's Song, Author: Katie Marshall
Title: Blood Mountain Conspiracy, Author: Joanne Taylor Moore
Title: Chasing the Dream, Author: Melissa Speight
Title: Dead Ends, Author: Ken Newman
Title: The Woman in the Cupboard, Author: Merry Jones
Title: The Dying Hour, Author: Nancy A. Hughes
Title: The Ragnarök Vaults: A Thomas Braddock Novel, Author: Michael Perrota

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