Title: The Promise, Author: Teresa Driscoll
Title: Pocketful of Dreams, Author: Jean Fullerton
Title: This Is How It Ends, Author: Eva Dolan
Title: The Shadow Between Us, Author: Carol Mason
Title: The Year of the Rat, Author: Clare Furniss
Title: Dry Hard, Author: Nick Spalding
Title: Rosa's Gold, Author: Ray Kingfisher
Title: Dark Desires, Author: Eve Silver
Title: Thornlight, Author: Claire Legrand
Title: Marked by Power, Author: Cece Rose
Title: The Girl Who Fell, Author: Violet Grace
Title: Warrior Prime, Author: Victor Gischler
Title: Murder at the Brightwell (Amory Ames Series #1), Author: Ashley Weaver
Title: Going Green, Author: Nick Spalding
Title: Bride to Be, Author: Jane Ashford
Title: The Trouble with Kings, Author: Sherwood Smith
Title: The Girl Who Chose, Author: Violet Grace
Title: Sea State: A Memoir, Author: Tabitha Lasley Pre-Order Now
Title: Sea State Lib/E: A Memoir, Author: Tabitha Lasley Pre-Order Now
Title: Katerina's Secret, Author: Mary Jane Staples

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