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Title: Is Federalism Based on Ethnic Partition a Viable Solution in Iraq?, Author: Douglas W. Merritt
Title: Two Is Better Than None: The Case for a Two-State Partition of Iraq, Author: Robert S. Hall
Title: Victory by Proxy? American Air Power, the Secret War in Laos, and the Future of the Global War on Terrorism, Author: Kieran T. Denehan
Title: Battlefield Air Interdiction by the Luftwaffe at the Battle of Kursk: 1943, Author: William J. Dalecky
Title: Operational Tenets of Generals Heinz Guderian and George S. Patton, Jr., Author: George A. Higgins
Title: Towards a Framework for Understanding Innovation Implementation in the Air Force, Author: Howard E. Byrd
Title: Pakistan and Nuclear Weapon Proliferation: A Historical Analysis of the Pakistani Nuclear Program 1947-1990, Author: Masood Ahmed Khan
Title: Air Traffic Control Capabilities: Opportunity to Utilize Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Equipment on Aircraft for Military Air Traffic Control and Command and Control in Combat and Humanitarian Operations, Author: Michael W. Helvey
Title: Attack on the American Embassy During TET, 1968: Factors That Turned a Tactical Victory Into a Political Defeat, Author: Robert J. O'Brien
Title: Intelligence Sharing, Fusion Centers, and Homeland Security, Author: Raymond R. Newbill
Title: Separating Belligerent Populations: Mitigating Ethno-Sectarian Conflict, Author: Leonard B. Scott
Title: Warden and the Air Corps Tactical School: Deja Vu?, Author: Scott D. West
Title: A Recommendation of Statistical Analysis for Test and Evaluation, Author: Noel J. DuPont
Title: Broadband to the Battlefield Using Tactical Radio Relays, Author: Kevin M. Payne
Title: Company I, 7th United States Infantry, in the Aisne-Marne Offensive, Author: William J. Kunzmann
Title: United States Air Defense: Poised for Success or Failure?, Author: Thomas L. Adkins
Title: Understanding the Air Force Culture, Author: Lynne E. Vermillion
Title: Command Dysfunction: Minding the Cognitive War, Author: Arden B. Dahl
Title: Defending the F-22, Author: John W. Day
Title: Airborne Pseudolites in a Global Positioning System Degraded Environment, Author: Halit Oktay

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