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Title: 16 Most Requested Songs, Artist: Billie Holiday
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Title: The Ella Fitzgerald Collection: 1935-45, Artist: Ella Fitzgerald
Title: Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology, Artist:
Title: The Fats Waller Collection: 1922-1943, Artist: Fats Waller
Title: The Count Basie Collection 1937-39, Artist: Count Basie & His Orchestra
Title: The Dizzy Gillespie Collection: 1937-46, Artist: Dizzy Gillespie
Title: The Teddy Wilson Collection: 1933-1942, Artist: Teddy Wilson
Title: The Lester Young Collection: 1936-1947, Artist: Lester Young
Title: The Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 3: Rhythm and Romance, Artist: Fats Waller
Title: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1: Messin' Around with the Blues, Artist: Fats Waller
Title: The Classic Sessions: 1927-1949, Artist: Eddie Condon
Title: Selected Broadcasts and Jam Sessions, Artist: Charlie Christian
Title: The Centennial Anthology, Artist: Count Basie & His Orchestra
Title: One O'Clock Jump: The Very Best of Count Basie [Legacy], Artist: Lester Young
Title: The Roy Eldridge Collection: 1935-1945, Artist: Roy Eldridge
Title: The Eddy Howard Collection 1939-1955, Artist: Eddy Howard
Title: The Complete Decca Recordings, Artist: Count Basie
Title: Love Songs [Columbia Portrait Cover], Artist: Billie Holiday
Title: Ken Burns Jazz, Artist: Count Basie
Title: The Helen Humes Collection 1927-1962, Artist: Helen Humes

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