Title: Cicadas, Author: Christina Leaf
Title: Fire Trucks, Author: Mary Lindeen
Title: Electricity, Author: Rebecca Pettiford
Title: Japan, Author: Colleen Sexton
Title: Angela Merkel: Chancellor of Germany, Author: Kate Moening
Title: Chipmunks, Author: Derek Zobel
Title: RagaMuffins, Author: Betsy Rathburn
Title: Fire Trucks, Author: Amy McDonald
Title: The Bald Eagle, Author: Mari Schuh
Title: Ancient China, Author: Emily Rose Oachs
Title: The Liberty Bell, Author: Kirsten Chang
Title: Gravity, Author: Rebecca Pettiford
Title: Matter, Author: Rebecca Pettiford
Title: The Circulatory System, Author: Rebecca Pettiford
Title: Hubble Space Telescope, The, Author: Allan Morey
Title: The United States Flag, Author: Kirsten Chang
Title: Ancient Egypt, Author: Emily Rose Oachs
Title: The Bell Witch Haunting, Author: Blake Hoena
Title: John Deere, Author: Sara Green
Title: Winchester Mystery House, Author: Michael Ferut

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